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Alexzandra Peters

6pm Tuesday - Rebirth Meditation - A powerful guided visualization meditation, paired with pranayama that encourages you to to commit to living your life and stepping forward with forgiveness.

10am Wednesday - Shoulder Flexibility and Mobility Workshop - focusing on flexibility and mobility stretches & exercises that will strengthen, support and maintain healthy shoulder muscles

7.30pm Thursday - Happy Splits - An all-levels flexibility, mobility & alignment workshop that focuses on safe and effective ways to take your splits deeper and create space within the body and mind.

11.30am Friday - Owning Your Power - An all-levels full-body vinyasa flow that encourages you to step into your power and breath to find strength and accountability within yourself.

Aluna Ritual Music

Cacao Ceremony - During our ceremonies we serve a warm traditional ceremonial brew made of raw organic cacao paste melted in warm water with a mix of traditional spices added. The drink serves as a catalyst to connect with ourselves on a deeper level. We take you on a guided journey where you become more sensitive and aware of whats going on inside and outside of yourself.

Our intention for the ceremony is to co-create a sacred space where we can tap deeper into ourselfes and our inner landscapes. We invite you to ground, relax and re-connect with nature trough a guided Meditation and a shamanic Sound Healing Journey and Contact Dance Experience.


8pm Tuesday - Slow Flow Vinyasa - This slow flow class will encourage rhythmic flow that aligns with your natural breath cycle. You'll feel on a moment to moment basis your equanimous state of ease and grace.

4pm Monday - Yin Yoga - This yin yoga class will offer traditional yin yoga postures to harmonize and recalibrate the bodies's energy system. While in each Hatha shape, you will disengage all muscles, notice sensations with embodied mindfulness and gain greater access to connective tissues for Innergy to move freely.

7.30am Saturday - Yoga Innergy Flow - Chocolako will share aspects of her yin-yang style of somatic movement during this 60-minute vinyasa flow.


Monday 4.30pm & Saturday 10am - Yoga flexibility & mobility - The perfect companion to flexibility and mobility. This class has a focus on stretching the body, keeping our bodies fit an healthy to perform everyday activites as well as prevent against injuries. This is a great class for beginners but is suitable for all levels as well.

Tuesday & Friday 7.30am - Morning Yoga Flow - During this powerful Yoga flow class, you will meditate, breathe, focus, move, stretch and balance. This flow Yoga is a heat building practice that allows you to move with your breath while building strength and working on your body. Enjoy slowing down, moving mindfully but powerfully, and breathing deeply.


Thursday 11.30am - Power Flow Yoga - A dynamic, playful yoga class for everyone. You will be guided through a basic meditation that will guide you through multiple expressions of your body, presence, openness. We are going through the various sequences to balance twists, headstand and arm balances, but don't be intimidated. You will be guided through all of them with a safe and gentle approach.

Jack Clover

Everyday at 9am - Yoga for BJJ Athletes is a gentle Hatha Yoga Flow - the perfect way to start a day of activities, whatever you choose to do. A full body activator with focus on breathing and stretching where cardio and strength take a back seat, so you can jump directly into your chosen activity as this class will not leave you feeling tired. I will make specific references to BJJ positions and concepts but anyone can join in and enjoy this class.

Jelena “Kick Ass Yoga” Lieberberg

10am Tuesday - Flow Yoga - focus on shoulders - Shoulder prehab & rehab: Kick Ass Yoga Vinyasa flow for beginners & intermediate students exploring everything there is to help stretch shoulder fascia and deeper levels, through self stretching techniques and partner stretches.

1130am Wednesday - Flow Yoga - focus on hips - Kick Ass Yoga Vinyasa Flow for beginners & intermediate students who would like to access their active hip flexibility/mobility, which is required ie for Triangles or more advanced Yoga postures.

3pm Thursday - Flow Yoga - focus on hamstrings - Kick Ass Yoga Vinyasa Flow for beginners & intermediate students who would like to go beyond Yoga: learn to stretch the back of the body, especially the hamstrings with intelligent technique and longer holds.

6pm Thursday - Handstand Workshop: Turn your world upside down - Scared of handstands? Or don’t know how to balance? Learn the foundations that are necessary for this bodyweight skill with the help of partner exercises and friendly spotters. No need to be afraid. Adventurous beginners welcome.

3pm Friday - Flow Yoga - focus on twists & back flexibility - Kick Ass Yoga Vinyasa Flow for beginners & intermediate students with a focus on twisting & rejuvenating the spine and opening the front of the body to avoid bad posture.

Lilo Asensi

1230pm - Wednesday - Beginners Acro Yoga - a perfect introduction to the world of acro yoga. Lilo & Jack will guide you through the basics, the complete new comer will leave with the knowledge of 2-3 poses and an understanding of the fundamentals, namely communication, trust, support, awareness, presence and breath. Come along with a partner or by yourself.Linda

7.30am Wednesday - Rise & Shine - In this yoga class, the goal is to bring out the good feeling. At this morning time it is quiet and the earth has unequal qualities that are favourable for meditation.The subconscious is cleansed and you can more easily let go of what you does not need to carry. A practice focusing on meditation, good morning stretches, strengthening the body's most important muscles and various balance exercises. Fits everyone.

Luke Wills

Tuesday & Thursday 10am, Weds 4pm, Friday 4.30pm - The Wim Hof Method is a combination of a very powerful breathing technique, gradual cold adaptation and mindset and focus techniques.Each day Luke will lead you through the theory and practice of the Wim Hof Method, including the usage of ice bath for cold water immersion therapy.


8am Thursday - Medi Yoga - MediYoga helps you balance your energies so that you feel better physically, mentally and emotionally. You will learn techniques for relaxation and stress management. A soft, meditative yoga with breathing exercises, gentle movements and meditation. For increased awareness, stability, calm and harmony. A therapeutic form fits everyone.

Mary Bruce

6pm Monday: Guided Meditation. Calling down the Moon - Experience pure bliss and inner tranquility through a short yoga practice to prepare the body to sit comfortably for a meditation that culminates in the Full moon shining on the still lake of the Mind.

11:30 Tuesday: Unleashing Source Energy~Tantric Hatha Vinyasa - As we twist we activate a spiraling force called kundalini, known as pure potentiality, or the creative pulse. The very sap of life is contained within these vital postures. Explore them in a way that will empower you to move in and touch your Source and from there, expand back out into the world in a more rich and vibrant way.

6pm Wednesday: Lay Low and Glow ~ Slow Flow/Yoga Nidra - Turn within to recharge. Forward bends lead us to deep relaxation. They move us back into the body’s wisdom. Coupled with yoga nidra (enlightened sleep) this is an ideal practice to soothe the nervous system and to remember our best and most significant self unfolding.

7:30am Thursday: Here Comes the Sun ~ Link to Prana and become more You. - Prana is the life force contained within the breath. It enhances your vitality and emboldens your purpose. The practice will be sequenced to bring this energy to the forefront of your existence. A transformative vinyasa practice dedicated to the techniques of Parayoga. Dynamic movement, longer holds, all level postures as well as bandha and mudra prepare us for deeper pranayama and meditation techniques to awaken the subtle forces.

10a.m. Friday Bridging Heaven and Earth ~ Expand your World View - Explore Backbends from the inside out, where Shiva and Shakti; the world of Spirit and Matter meet. Practice these postures in a way that powerfully transforms energy and opens the door to limitless capacity.