What kind of tickets are there ?

  • Non-Resident Tickets - These tickets are for guests of the island and they must book the full 5 day experience and stay at the Gran Melia De Mar Hotel. On the Book Now page see all available options and costs.

  • Resident Tickets - These tickets are for residents with proof of residency as a day pass ticket or multiple days. These ticket holders can partake in the full festival experience attending all the seminars they want, and use all the facilities of the hotel like any other guest. They can arrive as early in the day as they want and stay as late as they wish but they do not have a room at the hotel. If you are a resident but would like to stay the night in a room for any duration of days at the hotel please email us for these costs and availability. All options available between a 1 day to full 5 day pass. (5 day pass best value). See the book now page to browse these options.


Unless you are a resident of the island with proof of identification and residency then you have to stay at the festival site which is the Gran Melia De Mar for 5 days. A limited number of tickets will be made available for residents at the end of July.

can I come to the festival and stay less than 5 days?

You can always leave early but we are only offering tickets for the full 5 days experience. Take the full 5 days you won’t regret it!

I have never practiced bjj / yoga before. is it for me?

At Mallorca BJJ & Yoga Festival you will find classes for all people at all levels. The two disciplines are similar in that anyone can practise them regardless of shape, size, age, fitness, flexibility. Your practice can be tailored to your level, and there will be classes for beginners each day. If you have ever thought of trying BJJ or Yoga, this is the perfect immersion into a new art form. Step outside of your comfort zone and try something new!

What should I wear to practice a new style?

If you want to try BJJ for the first time, its not vital to purchase a gi. You should buy your first gi when you know you defiantly want to continue learning the art. Introductory classes will be open to gi or no-gi students. This means you can come along wearing shorts or yoga pants, and an old t-shirt (possibly could be ripped during training). If you are new to BJJ, you should know its really important to keep finger and toe nails cut short, and leave any watches or jewellery at home. For BJJ players wishing to try Yoga, just wear your usual no-gi kit and do not take your mobile phone into the yoga studio.

How is this different to a Yoga Retreat?

As a Festival, you can expect non stop action all day long, in the form of classes, workshops and seminars. Far from retreating, we advocate immersing yourself in the activity, and soaking up the energy that everyone will bring. At night, the DJs will turn up the music, and there is the chance for everyone to socialise, dance together and enjoy the warm sea breeze.

I enjoy quiet practice, will this be too loud for me?

Music at the (secluded) pool area will finish at 12 midnight each day and all areas of the hotel shut down soon after. You will find many private areas inside and outside around the hotel grounds. The indoor practice areas are very quite and private and we will provide quiet rooms for silent, personal practice at different points throughout the day. We have taken over the whole hotel site, so at any time you can be sure of only sharing the space with respectful yogis and martial artists. Of course, theres no pressure to attend any of the evening gatherings at the pool at all if thats really not your thing.

Should I get travel insurance?

We highly recommend you acquire travel insurance to cover your trip. This is an active persons holiday so protect your body! Also, make sure your policy covers cancellation of your trip as payments are none refundable past certain dates as we near the festival date.

Do i need to bring my own yoga mat?

If you have space in your luggage and travel plans allow, then bring your favourite matt along to the festival. Otherwise there will be a choice of yoga matts to purchase at the Festival. More details on the types of matts to follow.

How will i be spending my days at Mallorca BJJ & Yoga Festival?

That is totally up to you! You have complete freedom to do as much or as little as you like. You can practice all day long if you like, or if you feel exhausted you could spend a whole day by the pool or on the beach. We will set up a facebook group for attendees, so why not take a trip into Palma or to another part of the island with some other Festival goers!? This will be a great place to make new friends.

Where do I do my laundry?

There is a launderette on the same street as the hotel, it is just 2 minutes walk.

What is the daily schedule?

The full schedule will be released closer to the time of the Festival. However please see below a SAMPLE timetable of a typical day. In addition to the rooms listed on the the program, there is also a permanent outdoor matted space for rolling and drilling BJJ under the palm trees and a permanent spot on the edge of the resort overlooking the sea for yoga practice. These two personal practice areas are available to you at any time.

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